Of flying witches and unforgiving mobs

Amby Lusekelo

THERE is a saying among the young people that; unless there is photographic evidence, it didn’t happen.

We use this to give each other a hard time when a juicy event happens but we miss out. Now because we all suffer from acute F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out), we refuse to accept it as true because we weren’t there.

So unless there is photographic evidence, it didn’t happen. This week’s juiciest event happened in Ukonga in Dar when a woman, suspected of being a witch was found sitting in the middle of the road in nude.

There was more than enough photographic evidence as people were quick to take photos and in a matter of minutes, share them with friends and foes across all social media.

Apparently, it all started early in the wee hours of the morning when as people were going to work, they spotted this woman in her 50s-60s, seated naked (wearing a white head wrap so it doesn’t count) on the road with a traditional woven platter on one side and a bag containing ‘stuff’ on another.

People who were brave enough to move close to her in this state claimed they heard her speaking in tongues and quite busy in her ‘work’. It only stopped when she realised that she had been discovered.

She then scrambled to cover herself and attempted to flee the area but it was too late, smart phones were faster than her. Then she was grabbed by an angry mob who wanted to set fire to her and all her ‘stuff’.

In her defence, she told a story of how she was on her way to run errands when she stopped someone who owes her cash but when she tried to talk to him about it, he reacted by hitting her and attempting take off her clothes. So apparently the condition she was in was as a result of this altercation with her debtor.

Right. A little research by nosey people who love knowing other people’s business discovered that this woman and her family, are in debt and face losing everything. Furthermore, she and her husband were actually in Mwanza and not in Dar.

He claims that they are in Mwanza and she had left their house to go run errands which apparently took her from Mwanza to Dar in a matter of minutes!

These nosey people not only shared pictures of her whole family, but also images of the mob justice that was having her walk all around the neighbourhood taunting her and screaming shame.

It is thought that she did this road activity in efforts to spare her family from total disgrace of losing everything in debt. How ironic. Twitter: @ambylusekelo

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