Politics in Tanzania: Bedazzle or go home.

Amby Lusekelo

THERE were rumours this week that the road licence fee has been scrapped. I say rumour because it’s just that, a rumour.

In the age of taxation, there is no way a revenue collection avenue has been scrapped. Like the phoenix, it will rise from the ash in ‘unsurpassed excellence’.

And when it does, mark my words, we will feel it in every way.

Meanwhile, politics in this country continues to take turns over and over again. It’s almost like the political leaders are taking their pointers from ‘Bongo Fleva’ and ‘Bongo Muvi’ actors. Everything possible is done for the optics.

Everything is done for show. Dazzle and bedazzle everything. I almost feel like getting into politics and doing what I do but in politics. The Arusha Regional Commissioner posted a picture of himself sitting, legs crossed, arms folded and doing the most for the optics, in the business class on a plane.

The caption indicated that he was about to jet off to Paris for work. Hold on. What work is this? What work is that that puts you on a business class flight to Paris? Didn’t the president ban all travel and especially costly travel for civil servants?

Tanzania social media went to work on the fella to the point he deleted the picture and I believe, went offline.

In the wake of the Lucky Vincent student condolence money hijacking or disappearance, whichever you want prefer and his general public approval plummeting to astonishing lows, the RC couldn’t have chosen a worst time to post this picture on his social media.

One could assume that a lot of things from his post but all in all; one thing was very clear, the bigger the, the better. You wouldn’t be wrong to assume who this RC looks up to. You know, the other RC whom we can’t talk about.

They must have a special WhatsApp group where they exchange tips and ideas on dazzle and bedazzle as well as find ways to creatively increase taxing revenues without the people realizing it. Make so that the people see what their hard earned money is paying for.

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