Any refunds for academic records bought?

Amby Lusekelo

Are there any refunds being given out to those who purchased their academic records, certificates, diplomas, degrees and so on; and as of this week have been named and shamed? I’m asking for a friend.

In 2015 I published a piece aptly titled “Do You Have a Degree?” and aside from reviewing the postelection shenanigans, I predicted the future. Bold, I know and as a cautionary note, I ended the article with “Do you have a degree? Because, Uncle John is coming for you and I don’t think you are ready.”

I stumbled onto this old article and felt quite proud of myself for predicting the future so early especially with what happened this week. I might just add ‘fortune teller’ to my list of talents because this week saw 9,932 public servants sacked for allegedly using fake academic certificates. Nobody was ready.

Almost are 10,000 public servants are out of jobs but the process excluded political leaders, who were classified in a different league. Apparently all political leaders need to be political leaders in this country is know how to read and write.

That’s it. This whole exercise along with this startling revelation made headlines all around the world. I was on another tip. I was extremely curious to know how the whole process went, you know, the type of questions they asked and whatnot. How do you determine that the person who is claiming to have XYZ academic qualifications doesn’t really have them but, is lying?

I set out to find out the truth. Apparently all they did was ask the person claiming to have attended a particular school, thus attain a certain academic qualification, was asked questions about that school. Sheer genius.

There is simplicity in the madness because as simple as the questions were, there were so many wrong answers. Some 9,932 wrong answers to be exact. Allegedly There you were boasting that you went to ABC secondary school and studied for four years in O-levels and two years for A-levels, yet you could not tell where the cafeteria is?

Or the name of the principal or where the principal’s office is?

The name of your Geography teacher? Or better yet, name three classmates in any of the classes you were in.

What sort of cooked up lies are these? And that’s the thing about lies; they are so easy to cook up but so hard to remember. Granted, there has been so much negative feedback from this exercise with people claiming there were wronged.

But there were some cases where like I said, there are people who didn’t know the general location of the school they said they did their O-Levels at. How now, brown cow? Now I set out to find out if those who purchased their certificates will get any sort of refunds. Did they have a guarantee of some sort?

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