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Government stance on TFF constitution valid

FEAR has arisen on possible sanctions that the country may face from FIFA following the government’s decision to cancel use of the 2012 Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) constitution.

The Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Dr Fenella Mukangara, told journalists on Monday that the 2012 TFF constitution contravened the country’s laws.She noted that the constitution violated the 1971 National Sports Council Act No. 12 along with amendments No. 6 of 1971 and NSC regulations of registration No. 442 of 1999.

The local football governing body is also accused of violating section 11(1) on the steps to be followed by the federation in order to amend and register the constitution.She advised the body to hold general elections using the 2006 constitution and organise the general meeting as per the constitution and NSC laws and regulations before they come up with a new constitution.

In response to the minister’s call, TFF chairman Leodgar Tenga, called for an emergency executive committee meeting on Saturday to immediately seek solution to the impasse.The football hierarchies, however, have already described the government’s move as contravention of laid down FIFA statutes of non interference.

FIFA statutes reject any government interference in the autonomy of football federations and have led to a number of conflicts and suspensions.But should the government’s decision to dismiss TFF constitution be viewed as direct interference into football matters? Not at all...this is a different matter because the government here is coming in to make sure that proper procedures are followed in accordance with the country’s laws.

It would have been government interference if the minister was imposing decisions on the federation or had prevented the football leaders from exercising their functions and duties.TFF are to blame for this constitution saga. If we should recall, TFF’s decision to amend its constitution through a ‘circular resolution,’ instead of calling general assembly, was strongly opposed by a section of the federation’s general assembly members as it went against its constitution.

They rightly argued that major changes on the body's mother law can only be executed by the general assembly and refused to buy the executive committee’s defence of lack of funds to host two general meetings, one for the assembly and the other to amend the constitution. It is never too late to mend the constitution. As the TFF executive committee meet tomorrow, they should realize that there is no better option but to follow all procedures of amending its constitution as well as registration.

As the sports minister had earlier instructed, TFF and the registry of sports should act responsibly by explaining comprehensively to the coming FIFA officials the circumstances for the government’s decision. Tenga has been in the good books of FIFA, viewed as the model leader in African football. We expect him to see and accept the truth, hence, bow to the government’s call for the sake of this country’s football.




over 6 years ago