Zanzibar launches first Diaspora policy

Zanzibar launches first Diaspora policy

The policy launched by the Minister of Sate in the State House and Revolutionary Council Mr Issa Haji Ussi outlines the islands’ Diaspora Policy in promoting its interests in an increasingly com-petitive global environment.

Mr Ussi said, “The policy vision is to have a Diaspora community that is patriotic and ready to contribute towards the socio-economic development of Zanzibar, while the mission is to identify, engage and involve the Zanzibar Diaspora into a unified group for effective support on the development of Zanzibar.”

According to the policy, the main identification criteria of Zanzibar Diaspora are ‘Zanzibar origin, patriotism, recognition and respect of the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution and Adherence to the Constitution and legal framework.’

Speaking during the launch of the policy document, Mr Ussi said, there are numerous opportunities (include financial support Diaspora to their families, Investments, knowledge, skills and technology transfer) which if well utilized can significantly spearhead the development of Zanzibar.

He said, the objectives of the policy is to create enabling environment for engaging the Diaspora in development initiatives as it directs all stakeholders, including the government and its agencies, private sector and development partners to ensure proper implementation of the ‘Diaspora Policy.’ “

Effective coordination is crucial for policy implementation and prerequisite for the enhancement of monitoring and evaluation,” the Minister said as he urged the media to help build awareness on the contribution of Zanzibaris in the Diaspora while diplomatic mission’s role is to act as links between Diaspora and their country of origin.

However, he said, there is no official or reliable details and statistics showing the number of Zanzibaris or Tanzanians living outside their home country. The 2015 Migration report of the united republic of Tanzania gave an estimate of 421,456 Tanzanians living abroad.

Author: From ISSA YUSSUF in Zanzibar

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