Zambian Vice President praises Tanzania’s technologies

Speaking to 'Sunday News' the Zambian Vice President said in an exclusive interview, that Zambia had already started benefiting from the technologies developed in Tanzania.

"During the last rainy season Zambia was invaded by army worms which destroyed our maize in some parts of Zambia, and we called upon you (Tanzania) to come and show us how to kill these pests," Zambian Vice President, Dr Scott Guy disclosed.

Dr Scott also said that Zambia appreciates the need to exchange more information through Global Smart Partnerships. When asked to describe the level of cooperation between Zambia and Tanzania, he said that the fact that Zambia had contracted a Tanzanian firm to come and fight the pests, it tells it all.

"We are indeed expecting the cooperation to extend to some other important areas, I have witnessed some outstanding technologies which are already in place in the country," he said.

He further said that Tanzania has put up a very good challenge for the continent by demonstrating the latest technologies that were home grown during the Global Smart Partnership Dialogue that concluded last week. "It is amazing to see how the country has made strides in terms of research.

He said he had seen some technologies exhibited during the Dialogue that he didn’t know that the country had already attained. “I think the country has put up a very good challenge for herself, they showed technologies that I did not know it had,” said the Vice President. Dr Scott also commended the country for its generosity of sharing research findings.

“Actually it makes me determined to go back to Zambia and see that science and technology developments moves faster, than it is doing at the moment,” he exclaimed. He further said that, “I think we have identified some needs for people like yourself (journalists) to acquire and obtain more technical knowledge.”

In a related development Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, Prof Makame Mbarawa described the Dialogue as very successful, as it was able to demonstrate the country's achievements in terms of home grown scientific technologies and apply them both in the country and in neighbouring countries.

He said that the fact that the architect and founder of Global Smart Partnership Dialogue, Dr Mahathir Mohamed attended as well as other global leaders shows how the country's leadership is taken seriously.

Prof Mbarawa described the country as having made strides in advancement of technologies, citing how the country was benefitting from mobile money transfers that allow people from all corners of the country to make money transactions especially where there are no banks.

He also said that right now the farmers can access the market prices without travelling and make informed decisions in selling their produce using their mobile phones.

Opening the Global Smart Partnership dialogues recently in Dar es Salaam, President Jakaya Kikwete has urged African leaders to invest in science education and training of indigenous mass that can eventually assist in finding home grown practical solutions to challenges that the continent confronts on daily basis.

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