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Yanga, TFF play ‘hide and seek’

The situation has emerged following a petition by at least 250 members of the Jangwani Street based club, who filed complaint to the federation protesting against the decision of extending the current chairman’s leadership for one year.

During the extraordinary members meeting held on June 1st at Oysterbay Police Officers Mess in Dar es Salaam, it was agreed that Chairman Yusuf Manji will continue to cling into power for the next one year.

However, the decision to extend Manji’s tenure in office to some extent has not been received well by a section of the club members, who are arguing that the constitution has been tampered with by few people for their own vested interests. They believe that the whole idea to let Manji and his vicechairman to continue leading the club was actually planned well in advance and that the meeting was just a mere formality.

The members who have filed the petition to TFF argue that the club’s constitution should have been observed and elections conducted as required. Speaking with the ‘Daily News on Saturday’, TFF Media and Communication Officer, Boniface Wambura confirmed that the federation has received the complaint from some Yanga members who are against members’ decision to extend Manji leadership term in office.

Wambura said TFF cannot take any action for the time being, until Yanga leadership present the minutes of their general meeting in order for the federation to look into it carefully before deciding on what action(s) to take.

“It is the normal procedure which must be followed by all clubs affiliate to TFF to present minutes of such meetings, but unfortunately until today, Yanga have failed to do so and that is why we cannot take any action against the complaint we received,” said Wambura.

When asked whether there is a specific time which is set for clubs to submit their minutes to TFF after conducting members’ meeting, Wambura said that there are no specific period set by the federation for the clubs to present their minutes.

Wambura further said that Yanga have as well failed to submit constitution amendment they made during the general meeting, where they approved some changes in their constitution as per TFF and FIFA directives.

The approved amendment was to establish the club’s ethics committee which will be mandated to deal and resolves club’s ethical problems and crisis whenever they emerge. Earlier this week Yanga’s Elders council Secretary Ibrahim Akilimali labelled the protesting members as illegal elements of club and bunch of club enemies who are trying to instigate conflict.

Akilimali was also quoted saying that there is nothing wrong with their decision to postpone their elections as it’s a normal things and such decision have also been made by TFF in their previous election, which put Jamal Malinzi in the office




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