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What are people really disappointed with?

During his brief stand on the podium, and as he moved closer and closer to the microphone in an attempt to somehow talk over the booes, Mr PM addressed the rowdy crowd who were chanting certain opposition party anthems and showing him the peace sign.

It was when the microphone was so close to his mouth, he could have swallowed it, that he told the booing crowd to stop engaging in politics in the city and to go back into the villages to engage in agriculture and farming. I believe his exact words were “rudini kijijini mkalime”. This didn’t work out too good. He got booed some more.

Before he got off the stage, Mr PM told the contempt-filled crowd that no matter how many peace signs they throw at him and how they fight the ruling party, it is still ruling them. The ruling party is in charge. He then quickly got off the podium to a roaring booing delivery from the crowd.

The noise must have been really scary because the boys in the FFU jumped in and started doing there stop the fujo thing. Mind you, there really wasn’t any fujo, just a lot of booing. This mass show of disapproval and what I dare call, contempt for Mr PM from the people of this somewhat small district, in Tanzania’s most recent declared city, made me ask a lot of questions. What are the people upset with?

Was it at the man himself or the institution he represents? Did his job description cause him this booing session. And most important, is there an allowance to cater for emotional distress of this kind? Most of us have heard Mr PM tell his biography time and time again. Born in Rukwa region, he is 64 years old and for those of us who like to know a person’s Zodiac and astrology details, he is a Leo.

Born from humble beginnings, Mr PM has stated over and over again that he is the son of a farmer. I think I once heard he only got shoes way much later in life and he now has only a few pairs for his work as the PM of the United Republic. Mr PM was one of the first leaders to publicly declare his assets. We know he has 3 houses, no shares in any companies, his bank account balance is at approx $20,000 and is paying a loan for a car. Not much to boo him for on the personal side.

Turning my thoughts to the institution of which he represents, I saw that maybe there was something to raise an eyebrow or in this case, a voice, in boo. Facing Lake Victoria, Nyamagana District is one of the eight districts of Mwanza where income is made mainly from fishing. Nothing overly exciting and some might even say, it has got a long way to go before it becomes Dar.

But still, why would these people boo Mr PM? Were they taking out their frustrations of years of undelivered promises on this man with a few pairs of shoes? Promises that range from better fishing boats, to ensuring more fish in the lake. I bet the latter was to be done through some marvelous initiatives with some very clever people.

Did that booing crowd put Mr PM’s face on the giant body they believe is not addressing their issues but still demands taxes? The same taxes that paid for the public meeting they were attending, only they were being told to go back to the village and that they were still being ruled. A few days ago I saw on the news that the fishers at the Ferry port in Magogoni in Dar city centre were complaining that they did not have any support from the port authorities.

Openly upset about the rise of taxes on fish, they did not understand why they were not getting any support from the authorities, in the event of emergencies. When asked about this issue, the authorities reported that the boats that they were given by donors for the purpose of providing support to the fishers had broken down. He said something about the engine being “offline” and lost me after that. Everything he said sounded gibberish.

It was at that point that the answers to many of my questions on the booing of Mr PM as an authority figure who can quickly take action and bring change, slowly unravelled and made sense.

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