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We need efforts to attain development goals

The National Development Vision 2025 envisages the country being transformed from low productivity agricultural economy to a semi-industrialised one, led by modernised and highly productive agricultural activities which are effectively integrated and supported by industrial and service activities in the rural and urban areas.

The overall aim of the Vision 2025 is to transfer Tanzania from a least developing to a middle income country. This transfer is envisioned to turn Tanzanian economy into a strong, competitive economy that will provide improved socio-economic opportunities, public sector performance and environmental management.

One of the targets for the Vision 2025 is high quality livelihood for Tanzanians which will be attained by among others, realising food self-sufficiency and food security, significant reduction of abject poverty, access to quality primary health care for all and universal access to safe water.

It may look a tall order as we have remained with about 10 years only to make every thing in our vision happen, but given what we have managed to achieve so far in the macroeconomic area, there are reasons to remain optimistic that the Vision 2025 will be achieved.

This is the message President Jakaya Kikwete sent across in his keynote address at the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Frontiers in Development Conference in Washington, US last week.

President Kikwete was invited to speak at the forum that brought together some of the brightest minds and boldest leaders who are working on ending extreme poverty.

The world has noted some good work being done towards the goal of fostering development and ending poverty and is convinced that our vision is real and attainable.

However, it is upon us all to make sure our dream becomes real. We need concerted efforts from the public and private sector to make sure we work towards achieving the goal and at the same time be watchful of issues that may divert our focus and put us off the rail.

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