UWT has emerged stronger and united

And this has also been proven right and true many times before.The role of women in the struggle for the independence of this nation and their contribution to the development of our country after in the post-independence period cannot be overemphasized.

Historians and keen followers of the social-political development process in the country would no doubt admit and appreciate the immense and valuable role played by women in our life as an independent nation.Such a role is documented from the days of struggle for independence when thousands of women all over the country came out and openly supported the struggle as effectively waged under the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) banner.

That’s about time when UWT came into being, providing valuable support and assistance to the struggle, including campaigning and carrying out a membership registration drive that saw TANU emerging the strongest political entity in the land.

Their effort paid dividends as TANU, under the leadership of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, who was always appreciative of the role played by women, went from strength to strength, eventually winning all popular votes in the post-independence and post-republic elections.

UWT’s role did not end with the Uhuru struggle. Later integrated into mainstream politics as an affiliate of TANU together with other mass organizations like VIJANA, WAZAZI and USHIRIKA, the women’s wing effectively mobilized women in their struggle for self-reliance and economic well-being.

The organization registered a number of notable achievements in its women sensitization and development roles, succeeding in launching a number of economic ventures at head office level as well as assisting women’s groups to form their own development groups all over the country.

UWT has continued to play an effective role to ensure girls were registered en masse in schools as well as looking for high education opportunities locally and abroad. It is everyone’s hope that despite some flashes of internal squabbles during its recent polls in which Mama Sophia Simba was re-elected national chairperson, the organization emerged out of it stronger and more united. Let such spirit continue.

TANZANIA has sustained relatively high economic growth ...

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