UVCCM pick new chairman, deputy chairperson

The election supervisor, who is also Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Coordination, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr William Lukuvi, announced that Mr Hamis clinched 483 votes, defeating Mr Rashi Msaraka who got 265 votes. The third aspirant, Ms Lulu Mshamu pulled out of the race few minutes before the election.

In the hotly contested race for the vice-chairperson, Ms Mhita scooped 361 votes, defeating Mr Paul Makonda and Salum Hapi who got 206 and 179 votes respectively. However, the poll had to go for the second round as Ms Mhita failed to get more than a half of the total votes cast in the first round.

Mr Lukuvi also announced that Ms Kagoma Mohamed was elected to represent women in the UVCCM General Council, Mr David Mwakiposa was picked as representative of CCM Parents Wing. Those picked to be members of the UVCCM General Council from Zanzibar are Yahya Usim, Ally Omary, Hafidh Ameir, Asia Ally and Peter Martine, while from the Mainland are Amina Bulembo, Gewa Rashid, Kebwe Rashid Kebwe, Zainab Othman and Christopher Charles.

Mr Lukuvi said the youth wing also elected its six members from Tanzania Msainland to represent at the CCM National Executive Committee (NEC), who are Jerry Silaa, Jonas Nkya, Deogratias Ndejembi, Anthony Mavunde, Sofia Kizigo and Fatuma Jumbe.

From Zanzibar, those who secured NEC seats are Lulu Mshamu, Abdallah Michael, Michael Bundala and Shaka Hamidu out of 39 contestants. Mr Lukuvi noted that the election went well where the winners had the opportunity to verify their votes.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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