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Tons of Dar waste to become cash crop soon

Ilala District, one of the three that compose the region of Dar es Salaam is the most populous and the richest in terms of business volume. Its biggest concentration of people means need for a well organized waste management system and an elaborate communication arrangement. Mayor Silaa is all out to achieve the two.

Not intending to fail, the mayor has searched at home and abroad for how best to bring change in Ilala municipal to make it a place for a better life. In a recent trip to a Finish city of Kokkola  from June 9 through 15 this year his six-man team struck a deal with the Finnish city to get assistance in electronic communication and good governance.

“This development will improve communication from the municipal level to ward level,” he told a press conference last Thursday in the city. “The network for the system is already laid down and what remains is education for its users.”The Kokkola Municipal presented its Tanzanian counterpart of Ilala Municipal with seven laptops to facilitate the project. According to His Lordship Silaa, a total of ten wards will be involved in the project.

“The benefit of the project is that it will improve efficiency in communication and service deliverance,” his Lordship Silaa said.
The sisterly relationship between Ilala Municipa and Kokkola involved two projects, the other one being improvement of abattoirs in Vingunguti in the city of Dar es Salaam. The mayor said the new strategy his municipal had adopted was to woe investors into the country by making them invest through development programmes in municipalities.

The Kakkola sister municipal will assist its Ilala counterpart in the whole effort to empower the business community, an exercise that will involve building boats in the country and creating a ‘business consultation centre’. To facilitate the programme, Kokkola city has provided three laptops, each costing 5,000,000/-,. Ideally the programme will enable Ilala business community to create more job opportunities.

A Kokkola delegate of business people will arrive in Dar in October this year to meet with Ilala business people on the matter.
However, what Ilala Municipal stands to benefit most from its Kakkola sister is the environmental knowledge and assistance the Finnish municipal will provide.

Dar es Salaam produces more than 1,000 tonnes of waste daily. The management of that waste has become a big headache for the city authorities with Ilala producing most of it and suffering the brunt of the headache of how to dispose of the filth.
“But we will have in place a programme to educate the people on how to sort out their waste into categories that can be reused, recycled or easily be disposed of,” His Lordship Silaa explained to members of the press at his office in the city.

It sounded to be a rosy plan that promised more job opportunities and extra income for households. Presently, Dar residents appearance to treat their environment with astonishing irresponsibility, tossing plastic water bottles anywhere after draining the content.

“But after the environment programme is well in place, what is waste now will be gold and many will benefit because many items today discarded as useless will be bought to be recycled,” he explained.The two municipalities will also cooperate in environmental conservation by creating the culture to keep it clean.

Implementation of the programme will begin with education in Primary schools of Majani Chai, Bunge, msimbazi Wavulana, Amani, Juhudi Ukonga, JICA, Mzambarauni and private school of St. Theresa in Ukonga.“The schools have been provided with litter bins and will also be given relevant education,” His Lordship Silaa said.

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Author: Lawi Joel

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