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To concerned authorities: Meet the president’s deadline

Relevance of the instructions given to all entrusted education supervisor, namely district and regional education officers, district council directors and other government officials cannot be overstated.

Addressing more than 900 delegates to a special task force meeting attended by education stakeholders at the district, regional and national levels in Dodoma this week, President Kikwete made it clear that by November all schools should be furnished with labs to allow practical work for students undertaking science subjects.

The deadline emphasised the importance of the matter to augment efforts by the nation to restore the country’s lost glory in the education sector that she enjoyed in the early days of independence. After the declared deadline there will be serious follow up on the extent of implementation of the directives.

During the session in Dodoma it was made clear that the welfare of both primary and secondary schools remained in the hands of district council directors.

They have the responsibility to make sure that teaching facilities are available in schools and that pupils and students no longer sit on dirty floors during classes.

It is true that majority of students in secondary schools opt for arts subject due to the fact that many public secondary schools lack labs. Without laboratories practical lessons for subjects like physics, chemistry and biology become impossible.

It is time the district directors in collaboration with other stakeholders join hands to make sure that every necessary support and seriousness is accorded to the education sector to allow students perform impressively and prepare them well for further studies. The nation needs scientists, one cannot argue with.

Without homegrown scientists prospects of making any meaningful progress as a people and a nation are, well, nowhere in sight.

On the other hand, there are thousands of talented boys and girls whose future dreams are shattered just because they cannot make use of their god-given gifts and become outstanding citizens while providing essential service to their country.

Two other things that the president insisted in the whole endeavor to promote quality education included prompt payment of salaries to school teachers and provision of decent accommodation.

These are important motivational factors which allow excellent delivery among teachers for students to perform well. To all those concerned, please heed to the president’s directive.

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