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The spirit of tolerance must be maintained

What deserves to be done for the proposed constitution is national and judicious acceptance with a final version that will benefit the people for generations to come.

A friendly atmosphere needs to be in place for a free and exhaustive debate on the holy document and its in-depth analysis by people with authority on the subject.

That is very important because it is only good knowledge of the proposed constitution that will enable the people to make that judicious judgement on it. Moreover, analysts vary in their power of analysis and clarity of their examination of the subject matter.

If debate of the document is held throughout the country the people will be well informed and have a proper understanding of the legal document and know how to make a judicious judgement of the draft.

Writing a new constitution is a Herculean task for which the government needs contribution and support of everybody. The environment for a fruitful discussion of the draft ought to be present and the process to have a new, convenient constitution must be allowed to proceed to the end. This last phase of the proposed constitution is highly important.

We must not fail and we must not skip anything vital for a truly inclusive constitution as its debate. If we fail, the government fails but that too is unacceptable because the government is democratic – one of the people, by them.

Its failure is, again, our failure. The rowdy act last Sunday by a couple of youths that disabled the symposium to discuss the document is detestable and deserves a strong condemnation.

Moreover, what happened at the symposium underscores the need of a more palpable presence of security to deter a potential occurrence of a similar incident in the future.

Most of all, we must restore the apparently gone spirit of tolerance of each other regardless of their political affiliation, creed, race or mother tongue.




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