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The more you share, the richer you become

There is indeed a joy in giving. How many of us can match the impulse of Thomas Carlyle if encountered with a similar situation?   I know this one is a difficult question to answer, as each one of us has different points of view when it comes to giving or sharing our hard earned money. Generally there are three kinds of givers exist in a society - (1) the flint, (2) the sponge and (3) the honeycomb.

Each of the mentioned category of givers has a different behavioural pattern. To get anything out of a "flint" you must hammer it. And then you get only chips and sparks. To get water out of a "sponge" you must squeeze it, and the more you use pressure, the more you will get.

But the "honeycomb" just overflows with its own sweetness. Which kind of giver are you?  The purpose here is not to put you on a hard test to determine which category of the givers you belongs to, but more importantly the real purpose is to highlight the importance of sharing one's wealth with the needy. Giving with glad and generous hearts has a way of routing out the tough old miser within us.

Even the poor need to know that they can give. Just the very act of letting go of money, or some other treasure, does something within us. It destroys the demon greed.  Our today's topic is not only addressed to each and every human being individually but to the entire society collectively, including the business entities. Off late majority money for charity mainly comes from the corporate world. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or donations can often be seen as window-dressing, but if done right, corporate (and personal) responsibility encompasses giving and the highest form of fulfillment.

To “win” at corporate responsibility and giving requires dedication.  Charitable donations raise a company (and individuals’) self image and self awareness. Helping and giving makes you feel good, and more focused on your purpose in the sector or your role. It allows organizations (and people) to be balanced and focused, and lessen jealously, allowing you to feel accomplished and focused on earning even more. 

Sometimes people forget where they came from and the difficult times that they went through. We remember all of the obstacles that we had to overcome along our journey and remember each and every person that helped to pave our path. What can you do to “share your wealth” with others? If you decide to do so, for sure it will make somebody's journey less painful than what you had gone through.

You know how difficult it was when the money was scarce, and now by the God's grace when you have enough it is your duty to share a little part of it with the needy in order to make his/her life less painful.    While on the subject it is also important to highlight that often it is assumed that it is the duty of only rich people to give or share their wealth and not the poor ones. This is a wrong perception because there is no correlation between one's financial status and sharing of wealth.

There could be a wealthy person who is miser and thus can't part with his money, while on the other hand there could be a poor person but he is still ready to share part of his money (howsoever small it may be) with the people who are in need. The feeling of charity comes straight from the heart and not from the pocket of the giver.      

There are many ways and means to give.  Interestingly, I mention here seven different ways of giving as follows:

(1) The Careless Way - to give something to every cause that is presented, without inquiring into its merits;

(2) The Impulsive Way - to give from impulse--as much and as often as love and pity and sensibility prompt;

(3) The Lazy Way - to make a special offer to earn money for worthy projects by fairs, bazaars, etc.

(4) The Self-Denying Way - to save the cost of luxuries and apply them to purposes of religion and charity;

(5) The Systematic Way - to lay aside as an offering to the needy a definite portion of our wealth -- one tenth, one fifth, one third, or one half (rich or poor can follow this plan);

(6) The Equal Way - to give God and the needy just as much as we spend on ourselves; and finally the last one

(i.e. 7) The Heroic Way - to limit our own expenditures to a certain sum and give all the rest of our income.  Whatever be the way, the initial act is the most important and ultimate fulfillment that you will gain, and remember that it is never too late to start – just do it.

Give the money away, the blessings of every kind will be returned to you in many multiples. That’s a personal and public relations guarantee. Finally some wise words to conclude - "if you haven't got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble." Therefore, it is in your own interest to share a part of your wealth with the needy - so what are you waiting for, take the first step now!

Author: Sagjit Singh

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