TFF turns focus on general elections

Speaking in Dar es Salaam, Tenga thanked the members for finding a need to sanction the proposed changes, adding that it is an ideal time for them to initiate debates on elections.

“It is an ideal time we set up debates on elections which will give us a room to conduct assessment on whether we had good leaders in football and if not where had we gone wrong so that we can rectify the situation,” he said.

TFF general congress has been pushed to February 23 and 24 to provide ample time to TFF president Tenga to send the customary 60-day notice to congress delegates. He said media as a key stakeholder has a great role to play in the election debates instead of just mentioning the names of would-be candidates.

He said the media should conduct thorough research on what is missing in the current leadership and suggest the way forward for the coming office bearers. Tenga said there was no any evil mission behind the constitution changes but they had to abide by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) circular sent to all its members.

“The constitution changes were directives from CAF which we had no option but implement and that’s the reason we were forced to push back the elections” he said. Tenga observed that the TFF statutes are set on trust as it does not state the dates for elections but have options for pushing them forward or back should the need to do so arise.

Tenga said the executive committee members find it not proper to conduct the changes without having the blessings of the general assembly members that is why the federation sent the circular to its members for their approval. He said despite the fact that other members opposed to the circular, that is democracy and the majority voices has to be heard.

He said the federation was thankful to all delegates – the supporters and those who opposed – noting that everyone exercised a democratic right. “I have to thank all general assembly members, those objected and those who endorsed, since they were exercising their democratic rights,” said Tenga.

CAF directives include formalizing of a free entity which will oversee the league supervision, appeals on elections, clubs licensing, training grounds as well as youth teams for all clubs.

TFF survived a rare scare on conceding defeat in its constitution amendment voting as the majority of Congress delegates voted in favour of the proposals.

There was tension among football stakeholders as some TFF member associations led by Kagera Regional Football Association (KRFA) voiced against the amendments and strongly campaigned for shooting them down but TFF under Tenga finally emerged victorious.

However, matters were not all smooth as the ‘Yes’ vote was just two per cent (68) above the required absolute majority mark of 66 per cent (2/3) as the TFF constitutions stipulates.

IT has been a fierce war for the ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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