TESWEP pushes for social work curriculum improvement

"TESWEP has already changed the face of social work education through its accomplished activities,” said Dr Ng’ondi adding that the way to do so was through provision of a standard and globally recognized social work education.

Dr Ng'ondi said TESWEP has a membership of 12 colleges and its objectives were to strengthen the capacity of Tanzania Schools of Social Work in the development and implementation of a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work as well as Master's degree in Social Work.

He was presenting his opening remarks during TESWEP general meeting coordinated by the Tanzania Social Work Association (TASWO) and involve at least 12 universities including Open University of Tanzania (OUT), SAUT, University of Zanzibar and UDOM.

The Dean at the Faculty of Arts and Social Science at Zanzibar University, Mr Mohammed Jiddawy, said the concept of Social Work programmes in Zanzibar is new to majority of Zanzibaris, adding that there is need to introduce such programmes in order to deal with related social issues.

He said that if there were enough social workers during the tragedies that occurred in Zanzibar last year including that of MV Spice Islander that capsized near Nungwi, Zanzibar, killing more than 200 passengers, would help reduce psychological problems among victims.

A lecturer at the University of Dodoma, Dr Ibun Kombo, suggested that it is very important for universities countrywide to offer programmes linked with social work so as to get many experts who can play a pivotal role when various social problems arise.

He said UDOM has finalized the process of its curricula and already sent it to the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) for accreditation. In a recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) of TASWO (host to TESWEP), the Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Dr Hussein Mwinyi acknowledged the need to have professional Social Workers to provide the much needed service in different sectors, country- wide.

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