TCRA warns radio stations over religious messages

Briefing reporters in Mwanza City, Gunze said that there were some radio stations misusing press freedom by spreading hate messages. “The government will not tolerate such delinquency on the expense of press freedom, as every media practitioner is requested to abide by laws pertaining to information and code of conduct,” said Mr Gunze.

He was reacting to a brief report by the Mwanza Regional Commissioner, Eng. Evarist Ndikilo, airing his grievances during an official tour in Mwanza Region by the Parliamentary Committee for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports.

In his welcome remarks to the committee, Eng. Ndikilo stated that recently Kwa Neema Radio Fm of Mwanza City and Imani Radio Fm in Morogoro have been airing sensitive stories contributing to divisions between Christians and Muslims. These are against the laws of the land as they threaten peace and tranquillity.

Eng. Ndikilo has been in the forefront in fighting religious segregation and divisions. And on January 2, this year he discouraged people from the practice when he graced the Sengerema District vaccination day in Mwanza Region.

The parliamentary committee is touring Mwanza Region and among other things visit Malya Sports Institute, Radio Free Africa, Star-TV, TBC Taifa and TBC 1, to inspect development activities.

Author: MOSES MATTHEW in Mwanza

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