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TBS vows to enforce standards compliance

The TBS Director of Quality Management, Ms Tumaini Mtitu, told reporters at a press briefing in Dar es Salaam that the bureau understood its role and would not veer from its commitment to the nation.

Ms Mtitu stated that all producers should be very careful and avoid unnecessary penalties which might stunt their development. “The fine for those who forge the quality mark on their products is between 50m/- and 100m/-.

This should be enough to discourage anyone from thinking of forgery,” she said. She said there was a tendency by traders to import various goods in the country which do not have any quality certificate.

“From 2012 to December 2013, we managed to seize 80 goods consignments at the port being smuggled into the country without quality certificates,” she said.

She added that young entrepreneurs should ensure they produce products which meet national quality standards.

“Being a young entrepreneur doesn’t mean you will produce things with poor quality. You should make sure that if you produce water, you should meet with other water producers for directives on the quality of your product,” she said.

She also called on owners of different industries not to wait until TBS goes to inspect their industry before they comply with the quality standards.

For her part, TBS Corporate and Public Affairs Officer, Ms Roida Andusamile, urged young entrepreneurs to standardize their environments because they can identify what they produce.

“Our role is to undertake measures for quality control of commodities and to promote standardization in industry and trade.

Young entrepreneurs should make sure they meet set national quality standards,” she said.

The government is finalising a plan that ...


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