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Tanga RC calls for youths to observe peace, unity

She also called upon religious leaders to preach peace in their respect prayer houses, in order to maintain unity and love in the country. She said this on Thursay while addressing a graduation ceremony of Islamic and Christian religious leaders, who attended a two-month English and computer course at Novelty Youth Centre which belongs to Free Pentecost church of Tanzania (FPCT).

She said that youths have great responsibility to make sure that peace prevails in Tanga Region and in the country at large; therefore, they should be careful with those who wanted to bring chaos into the country.

She, however, said that in order for youths to value peace and tranquility initiated by founders of the nation, they should be taught and clearly be informed on the issue.

“You religious leaders are most respected people in the community because you represent God, therefore, when you speak about something your believers pay great attention, thus I urged you to use your God-given responsibilities to proclaim peace so that our region continues to be at peace,” she insisted.

The chairman of National Muslim Council (BAKWATA) for Tanga Region, Sheikh Juma Luwuchu, said that education was a key to life for every individual; therefore, even religious leaders should seek more educational opportunities in order to deliver in their religious services.

He said that an educated religious leader should see the question of peacekeeping as priority, because without peace nothing would go on even in their prayer houses.

Since independence, Tanzanians have been living peaceful as sisters and brothers, thus making an island of peace and it had been a secure place for refugees from different countries in Great Lakes Zone.

However, in recent years the situation has been gradually changing as the seed of hatred has been sowed through political and religious ideology, thus making government leaders to use every platform they get to proclaim peace and tranquility so that Tanzania remains peaceful, the efforts which need to be supported by all people.




THE prosecution has filed an objection, seeking dismissal ...

Author: NESTORY NGWEGA in Tanga

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