Tanesco introduces new technology for reading meters

The AMR system reads the electricity meters by using computers via communication systems such as wireless; GPRS and Radio Frequency or wired telephone networks.

TANESCO Public Relations Officer, Mr Adrian Severine said the AMR meters are centrally located at Tanesco headquarters where they are monitored. The AMR system registers energy consumption measures and stores other important energy information such as profiles for voltages, power factors and sudden drops or rises in voltage levels.

The meters transmit alarms on electricity irregularities such as electricity bypass by bridging resistors, records when someone opens up meter boxes or meter terminal covers and tracks exceeding load limits and load imbalances on transformers.

Already over 17,000 large and medium customers in the industrial, mining, hotels and manufacturing sectors have been connected with these meters. Apart from post paid customers, the AMR meters are also available for Luku meters to monitor Luku meters that are being tampered with by users, thereby costing the utility company billions in losses.

Tanesco aims at having more than 1,200,000 customers including residential customers. Mr Severine said all transformers in Dar es Salam are connected to the AMR system and all customers in Kinondoni South. Tanesco is connecting Ilala, Temeke and Kinondoi North.




Author: Christopher Majaliwa, Sebastian Mrindoko and Rose Athuman

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