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Take telecoms to remote area, Kagera RC calls

The Kagera Regional Commissioner (RC), Fabian Massawe, said by so doing, citizens would be able to develop both socially and economically due to easy access to communication services.

Col. Massawe said this during his tour of Vodacom Tanzania's Head Offices in Dar es Salaam, where he thanked the company for services it has given to residents on Goziba Islands of Lake Victoria.

This is the second year since Vodacom installed a network for its services in the Islands, making it the first telecommunication company to do so.

"Many of the residents of Goziba Islands are involved in fishing. Mobile phone communication has enabled them to get in touch with their customers within and outside the country.

Col. Massawe went on to note that apart from supporting fishing in Goziba Islands, Vodacom network has also opened up business opportunities for other residents, most of which have opened up M-Pesa stalls and are also providing other Vodacom services and products.

According to Col. Massawe, residents can now send and receive cash without hussles. "Security has also improved since network became available.

It is now easy to communicate with the police and other residents to trace any robbers, something that was impossible before," explained Col. Massawe.

Vodacom, through the Vodacom Foundation, has also been able to open up a dispensary at the Goziba Islands where residents can access medical services.

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