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Sports Council needs policy adjustments

Whether Malinzi will be re-appointed for the post that remains to be seen but it is important to remind ourselves that upon his appointment four years ago, Malinzi made swift remarks about transforming the body, from its current ‘White Elephant’ status, making it even vibrant.

He also promised to deal with corruption and match-fixing in sports as well as phasing out all non-citizen leaders in sports associations, because it was against the laws of the country for them to be at the helm of associations they lead.

Whether he has succeeded or not that also remains a subject to debate. Established by the Parliament Act of 1967, the NSC functions are to develop, promote and control all forms of amateur sports on a national basis in conjunction with voluntary amateur sports organisations or associations.

It is important to remind a person who will be appointed to succeed Malinzi that he/she will be facing tough challenges to fulfil the functions of NSC as established by the country’s laws.

The NSC is required to provide among others, training, aid to national associations or organisations, playing fields and other facilities, sports equipment and accelerate development of sports.

On papers, all these functions makes quite a good reading, although others such as running sports as amateur might need some adjustments, because sports is rapidly becoming commercialised around the world and Tanzania is not an island not to adopt changes.

For instance, in football, the local football governing boy is slightly transforming the sport from amateurism to professionalism.

The same should happen in basketball, athletics, netball and other sports. And this calls for quick changes in sports policy.

We think that the NSC first task in hand should be to review the sports policy in a bid to develop, promote and revive various sports in the country as well as to help the government to derive a special strategy to organise sports activities at grassroots level, where talents are in abundance.

They should also find alternative means to raise enough funds that would meet the budget to support national associations with such services as facilities, sports equipment and other sports items.

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