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Sobriety must prevail on EALA Speaker’s saga

The attempts to remove the speaker started in Arusha in March this year and the matter had been on and off since then. Members of the EALA Tanzania Chapter yesterday came out in Dar es Salaam, with a declaration that there were no longer with their colleagues petitioning for her removal from office.

The legislators said in a joint statement that it has now come to their attention that the removal of Madame Zziwa from office is not in the best interests of Tanzania and against the spirit of regional integration.

The Tanzanian regional lawmakers downplayed earlier claims against Madame Zziwa, describing them as trivial and devoid of merit to warrant her unceremonial removal from office. It is hoped that the matter will soon be resolved amicably and brought to rest in the greater interest of East African development and integration.

Tanzanian legislators yesterday came out with a strong worded statement suggesting that there is a hidden agenda and more than what meets the eye in the whole EALA Speaker’s saga.

But all this can be resolved through consensus by the legislators who must now strive for unity instead of giving much attention to trivial issues.

Cases like nepotism, favourtism, abuse of office and embezzlement can easily be handled by various bodies within EALA such as commissions and other internal control mechanisms.

It is our hope that sobriety will prevail in EALA and the institution is going to focus on its main objectives including fasttracting the East African development and integration agenda.

The current tensions must be ended to avoid driving the region into earlier cases which gave birth to the so-called coalitions. Much as the legislators have the right to decided who is going to be their speaker in line with the EAC Treaty and EALA Rules, the matter should not be left to waste a lot of time, money and other resources.

EALA should instead put more attention in spearheading the integration process, which is of primary interest to over 140 million East Africans.




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