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Shanghai TV Festival attracts larger crowds

He had come from their base in Kuala Lumpur with a few associates to promote documentary series together with features and animations. ‘Star Magazine’ made it to this event for the first time, since it started 20 years ago. “We are looking for markets for our products and have been to similar festivals in places like Hong Kong and Cannes in southern France, so now thought it’s time we come here.

You see the Chinese market is very big. We also have a Chinese production so we thought it best to come and market it here directly,” Mr Khun said last Friday, two days before the festival closed. Like the large number of other producers, directors and marketers of television programmes he could not afford not coming to the event, which is currently the biggest television festival in China, he added.

This platform he stated provided his Malaysian colleagues an opportunity to expose their products to the large number of customers. They had been keeping an eye on attendance and noticed that the number of people at this annual event keeps on increasing. The Director of Domestic Distribution and International Business Development for Shanghai Wings Media Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Media Group, Sylvia Qin, provided the ‘Star magazine’ maintained, that the event provides a platform for television marketing and related seminars.

This was the eighth time for her to attend the event, and thinks is embraces international exhibitors and buyers. According to her over the years it has become a place where people in the industry look forward to meeting with old friends and make new ones, while they continue with their trading.

Ms Qin explained that although most of the products on display might be in one language from the country of origin, after a sale has been made, before the product is given to the buyer there would be some post-production editing, so as relevant subtitles could be added in the required language. She further explained that products from their international channel there in Shanghai are produced in English.

She is quite proud that the city of her birth has become the home of an event, which since its beginning in 1986, has become one of a handful of festivals in the world that combines awards, marketing and forums under one roof. In so doing, she boasts, over the years they have also promoted international co-operation, while maintaining their characteristics of being forward looking.

Having established a strong foundation the STVF has embraced innovation and changes, while gaining a worldwide reputation in the industry. “The STVF is one of the most important international platforms in the Asian television industry. Amongst major events are the Magnolia Award International TV Programme Competition that showcases the International Film and TV Market,” she further explained.

Therefore, it was not surprising to hear her refer to Shanghai as being a city where everything can conveniently
be found. She maintains that anyone would fall in love with the city, after they had spent one or two weeks there. A student majoring in English, Pricilla, said the city is a place where one would always be surprised by both the old and new things, whether opinions or physical objects.

Having recently returned from a two-year study stint in New Mexico, USA, Pricilla sees Shanghai as similar to New York and London, in the sense that it is a “melting pot” where people from all over the world come. To the Chinese it is the most westernized city there other than Hong Kong and is becoming more and more crowded due to the number of people from all over the country and from abroad.

AS the globe continue to tackle the Covid-19 ...

Author: Staff Writer IMAN MANI in Beijing, China

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