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Rhinos face Mombasa on Saturday

This second leg match for the two teams, in the on-going Mamba Hatch Cup (MHC) (formerly called East Africa Rugby Cup), promises to be a fight to the end, he maintains.

“We are confident of our squad’s ability. Players have made themselves available and we are all excited to give our home crowd a good exhibition of our abilities.

I think our chances are good, provided we can stick to our gameplan and everyone gives 100 per cent for the 80 minutes,” Peterson said yesterday in a telephone conversation.

He went on to say that winning this game today (Saturday), which is scheduled to kick-off at 4:30 pm on the Tanzania Game Trackers grounds, near Arusha airport, is their last chance the Rhinos have to retain the title for the second year running.

Another important reason he gave for winning this game is playing in front of their home crowd, where they boast themselves as being their strongest.

It is for these extra reasons that the Rhinos’ leaders, according to Peterson, had secured their players commitments long before the match.

They also made sure that training continued as normal and worked hard at improving their game plan.

Added to this they focused on playing in a style that would allow them to use their strength in the game.

YOUNG African head coach Luc Eymael has said ...


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