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Researcher: Media houses lack self-drive initiatives to net news

Researcher: Media houses lack self-drive initiatives to net news

Presenting the findings of the pilot study that involved 12 media outlets, a lead researcher, Mr Chrostoph Spurk, said over 50 per cent of Media Houses piece stories pegged on reports on official calendar. “With the current wave of digital media, journalists working for both print and electronic media must rethink their approach to news gathering, it’s not sufficient just to rely on slots on the official calendar,” he posed.

Mr Spurk said media houses need to develop their own initiatives to identify interesting issues which deserve reporting, and are attractive to the public, since relying heavily on organised events might have great impact on them in the near future.

The study entitled ‘Pilot on Yearbook on Media Quality in Tanzania 2017’ funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania, it aimed also to scientifically study the quality of media reporting in the country, from September to December 2017.

Presenting their findings during the workshop, he further said there has been a single source syndrome that was another challenge to the Media Houses which compel them to rely only on specific source(s) of information to base their stories.

The media outlets invited included Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN)- Daily News, The Guardian, The Citizen, Mwananchi, Nipashe, and four Radio Stations of TBC Taifa, Radio Free Africa, Radio One, Clouds as well as three TV Stations of TBC, ITV, and Azam Tv.

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