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Rejecting entire Katiba an act of indifference

It is unfathomable and unflattering that one would choose to oppose entirely the draft document after spending all the time in the CA and being paid handsomely while at it, only to realise on voting day that the whole 19 chapters and 289 sections of the document had no substance.

This is a travesty of the whole constitutional review process which had been exhibited early on by some members of the CA in the form of their conduct during sessions. Such weak-minded individuals should never have been part of the CA to begin with.

Come to think of it, it is probably these individuals with such frivolous leanings who, even before the serious business of debating the Draft Constitution started, they were up in arms demanding an increase in the daily allowances for members. It is okay for an average soccer fan, if she/he wishes, to make little of the results of a match that her/his team has lost.

We also can all, as ordinary citizens, make light of some of the most pressing issues of the day during casual conversations and get away with it. But we can’t say the same for members of the CA, be it by virtue of their positions as legislators or presidential appointment.

These are people we would want to see serving us diligently in a historic and very important process that has not only been costly monetarily but has also caused serious tensions. We believe that those who chose to reject the Draft Constitution outright owe us an explanation.

On a good day, maybe they should be asked to return all the allowances they have cashed in and thank them for disrespecting and wasting the time of over 45 million people whose aspirations could have been trampled by their single act of indifference.




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