Proper stage lighting importance emphasised

He made this point clear to a full house of artistes and stakeholders at the Arts Council’s (BASATA) Jukwaa La Sanaa meeting late Monday morning. Despite a local shortage of experts within this area, with relations to abroad he maintains local technicians are trying hard to do the best they can, bearing in mind the technical limitations they have to work with.

However, Mwalusamba called for more effort to be applied so that performances can be at a higher level of quality, as required by international standards. “This way, local performances stand a better chance of being more in line with international recommendations, which our artistes encounter when they travel outside the country.

For us to improve in this area of production, all those concerned with it have to increase their levels of teachings in this area,” he added. To provide an example of the result obtained when proper lightings are not used, he referred to a Lumumba Theatre’s presentation of a piece called “Focus On Me” at the Russian Culture Centre, earlier this month.

According to Mwalusamba, who was responsible for the lighting of this show, which received a big approval from the audience, the lighting was not at the level the organisers and he wanted. It was more a case of having to make do with what was available.

It was a combination of factors surrounding the unavailability of professional equipment and knowledge that forced the organisers to use what was there instead. He thinks such action is disappointing because after the artistes had put their all in preparing a show of high standards, it is only right that the correct supporting equipment should be available, to complete the package.

Performing Artist Amani Lukuli of Parapanda Theatre Lab told the ‘Daily News’ the correct lighting is very important bearing in mind local artistes are seeking professionalism in their works.

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