Plea for stern anti-graft measures in new Katiba

Mr Lusinde, who was among the first cabinet ministers after Tanganyika’s independence in 1961, was of the opinion that where necessary then some human rights should be overlooked just to deal with grand corruption.

He told reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam after submitting his views to the Constitution Review Commission (CRC).

“If needs must then it should be made clear that the punishment for grand corruption should be public execution, this will check the vice which has been going on with impunity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ubungo Member of Parliament, Mr John Mnyika (Chadema) has reiterated that CRC should engage mobile phone companies to sensitize citizens in a bid to increase the number of people sending in their views.

He reiterated the call in an open letter written to the Chairman of CRC, Judge (Rtd) Joseph Warioba yesterday. Mr Mnyika is of the opinion that the number of people who have thus far given their views in four phases throughout the country was insignificant when compared to the country’s population.

“From the data provided by the chairman, only 312,223 people have given their views, this is equals to 0.7 per cent of the country’s population of 44.9 million people. Those who gave their views through mobile phone are 16,261 or 0.08 per cent of 20 million mobile phone subscribers,” he said.

Mr Mnyika wants an arrangement where a text message will be sent to mobile phone subscribers, give them detailed information on how to send their views and a number through which they can send their messages. “The move will increase people’s participation.

Transparency should also be emphasized in the whole process of collecting views through mobile phones and internet,” he said. He also called for openness in the next level which will involve formation of constitutional councils by explaining in details how the councils will be formed.

CHALINZE MP in Coast Region, Ridhiwani Kikwete has ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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