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Players’ response pleases Maximo

The former Taifa Stars coach said for the past two weeks he has spent with the team, he has noted great improvement, saying further that the players are responding well to training tactics.

Speaking to journalists shortly on Friday after the team’s morning training session at Loyola Secondary School in Dar es Salaam, Maximo reiterated his mission to put Yanga at the international level.

“I am very optimistic and I really see a good future for Yanga. We have a big task ahead and we want to see Yanga producing its own quality and spirited players, who will have their own style.

With this in our minds we can build a strong team that can go places especially at the international level,” said the Brazilian.

“To put a club into international level is a challenge, it’s not easy because all clubs want the same thing, and we should create our own spirited players.

We must create professionals and that is what we are here for, that is what we want and we believe we will create a good club,” he said.

Maximo noted that Yanga is a massive club with huge fan base in the country and it can use that wealth to improve its squad by creating spirited and quality players. It is estimated that the club has close to 20 million followers in the country “It’s time for Yanga not to compete locally only rather the team should focus at winning big at international level.

I am very proud of the trainings because I can really see development in just few weeks,” he said. He insisted that club can be prepared for years while team can be prepared for one season and that in their mind, it makes their job deep and much more difficult than how people understand.

“How long should our objective be achieved ... that I won’t promise but I know Yanga needs foundation.” He explained that his job will not be in the pitch alone but rather is to make sure that players are showing their professionalism inside and outside the pitch.




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