OSHA clears air on foreign doctors

The OSHA Director General, Dr Akwilina Kayumba, told the ‘Daily News’ in Mwanza City yesterday that there have been negative perceptions toward foreign medical doctors. “Some miners think that foreign medical personnel working here are loyal to the mining companies.

I assure you guys that all diagnosis carried out by them are the same with those by their local counterparts, so the employees have to have confidence in them,” said Dr Kayumba.

She noted that workers in gold mines have no reason to doubt foreign medical doctors as pre-employment and exit examinations that are complained about will be conducted by doctors, who firstly attended OSHA training which will make them effective in executing their duties.

Dr Kayumba was astonished by some workers in gold mines who strive to unnecessarily get a sick sheet permitting them to have bed rest. She dismissed allegations that OSHA is not inspecting gold mines forcing workers to work for longer periods, something that leaves female workers complaining of exhaustion, especially after operating a dump truck for long time.

Dr Kayumba said that it was not true because employees get 48 hours rest but it was being overweight that makes them to be in that condition. While women grumble over operating dump trucks for long periods, men face backaches when they operate dump trucks or bulldozers for long periods.

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Author: MOSES MATTHEW in Mwanza

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