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Online medication is dangerous

Some go further to search for a cure. We are prompted by this warped behaviour to say at the outset that this is a wrong and dangerous approach to medical intervention to illnesses. All diseases must be reported to competent medical practitioners as soon as symptoms crop up.

It is virtually impossible for the sick or their minders to determine the symptoms of a particular illness. A wide range of diseases have similar initial symptoms.

This means that it is completely irrational for a rank outsider in medicine to tell disease symptoms correctly. This crude and rather dangerous behaviour is known in the lay world as “Asking Dr Google.”

It should be abundantly known that even in the medical world in most cases it takes excellent medical equipment to tell disease symptoms apart. Even the most accomplished medical doctors do not have the skills and competence to tell the symptoms of an illness offhand.

In the same vein, it is imperative to point out here that although the internet is loaded with useful information it also has a lot of junk. Some of the information can be dangerous.

Some of the medical information obtained online is false. Some medicine manufacturers, agents or sellers upload misleading details about the potency of their medicines in the name of money.

The upshot here is to bag money from the unwitting. It would be remiss on our part not to mention here that some of the desperate patients who seek medication through the internet may have been disappointed by real life medical doctors in this country or some quacks and pretenders.

Some so-called health workers especially in private clinics are quacks who prescribe and sell wrong medicines to ignorant patients. This ploy smells to High Heaven. It is highly dangerous to lay your life in the hands of medical quacks or their cronies.

The most critical problem is that not many patients are able to tell the difference between a genuine medical doctor and a quack. These days even “respectable” doctors and other health workers mistreat the sick and have no qualms about extorting money from them.

Ignorance militating against rationale, even minor medical hands such as trainee nurses, cooks and messengers are treated with veneration by desperate patients who address them as ‘doctor’.

Soon, some of these “doctors by chance” become cheats. Some of these workers capitalize on such mischance to extort money from ignorant patients.

Some of the First Aid hands we see in clinics have no medical skills apart from dressing wounds or administering jabs quite precariously. Even these are “doctors!”

WITH reputable Word Health Organisation (WHO) latest report ...

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