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Obama's visit to Tanzania...fruitful indeed

Inaugurating the Power Africa Initiative (PAI) at Ubungo in Dar es Salaam, President Obama said the US government will commit 7billion US dollars, while the US private sector is expected to contribute 9 billion dollars.

The US leader said the initiative being implemented in Tanzania and a few other African countries is expected to double the reliable and affordable access to electricity to homes and business. Commenting on the multi-billion dollar initiative, the Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof Sospeter Muhongo, said it has come at the right time.

The minister said the government was already committed to double power supply from the current installed capacity of 1,438.24 megawatts to 2,780MW or 3,000MW by 2015. The minister said the other benefit from President Obama's visit in the country was a pact reached by Symbion and General Electric to raise the planned output of electricity for Mtwara from 400MW to 600MW.

There are many industrial projects lined up to be implemented in Mtwara, the area would demand more power. While in Tanzania, the final leg of his three-nation continental tour, President Obama showered many praises to President Jakaya Kikwete and the government in general in effective major economic and political reforms.

The visit also took him to Senegal and South Africa where he expressed his impression on efforts by women farmers and young entrepreneurs in elevating their incomes and even creating many jobs for other people.

He stressed that the US is ready to be a best partner in that process, where everyone wins. Such a win-win situation is not only good for Africa, but also to the US as well as the whole world, underscoring that such a new co-operation model between developed and developing nations is not just based on aid and assistance.

NATION building is a collective enterprise, in which ...

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