No jobs for the Sharobaro

You see cool people are just that, cool. There is nothing more and absolutely nothing less. A cool person is a relaxed person with no worries in life, everything is easy and no sweat necessary for anything. Cool people are usually so focused on being cool that they can’t be bothered with anything else. A cool person is always ‘chilling’, so much so that other seemingly important functions in life are not.

Thinking; plotting things or creating ideas is not part of the equation. Thinking is a waste of time and well, it is not cool! Hard work and having any goals and dreams to aspire to, and work hard towards achieving them is, by all means, not cool.  And it is during this time that we all get a closer look at a new urban culture which is emerging in Tanzania. This culture belongs to the youth that I collectively label the ‘Sharobaro’.  The Sharobaro cool folk will always look good; have the latest accessories like the iPhone 5.

Mind you, this phone has just been launched in ObamaLand, yet somebody in Dar will have it within 24hrs of its release but not have airtime credit to make calls. These cool folks have everything you could ever hope, especially the things your favourite celeb has, without wanting to do the actual work in getting them. Cool people usually aim to live a life resembling their favourite celeb.

If the celeb has it or talks about it in any way, cool people will have it and talk about it. How else will everyone know they are living the high life? And there is better way to show this than though the current popular way through social media. This is, of course, how the favourite celeb does.

Cool guys also drive cool slick cars and always look good and smell even better with the latest colognes. Though, they may have nothing more than 10,000 shillings in their pockets and the fuel gauge forever blinking red, reading ‘E’. The cool girls will always also have the latest designer knock offs but so long as it looks like something Beyonce, Rihanna or Kim Kardashian was wearing, it’s all good.

These cool girls will also have the latest phones or some even have 2 or 3 phones neatly placed in their super expensive leather handbags which match the super high heels. These handbags will have designer names on them so you know they are expensive. Yet again have no cash in hand or airtime credit on the 2 or 3 phones. 

The thing about these cool folks is that, despite having all these cool items and portraying this expensive lifestyle image, you cannot clearly pinpoint their source of income. Most, if not all of them, have no jobs and unsatisfactory education and age to garner such a lifestyle. And inheritance is also not an option as they are a huge contrast to their humble homes and family. So where do the youth of today get cash to look like and seemingly portray Lil’Wayne or Rihanna?

Little do they know that what they see on TV and try hard to emulate, is part of an elaborate marketing strategy. These celebs have upwards of 50 people each, working hard behind the scenes, creating an image that is used to generate sales/endorsements thus making them cash. That image that they portray of having tonnes of cash actually makes them more cash.

There is multi-million dollar industry where highly qualified marketing and publicity specialists work overtime to make sure that your favourite celeb is perceived in a certain way.  I had the opportunity to work alongside two ‘cool’ people. I say work because that is what I was doing but they were busy on their phone; receiving phone calls (as they can’t make the calls), chatting and being on social media -- talking about being at work.

And that is all they were doing, sitting at work, pretending to be working. She was talking about Rihanna and Chris Brown and he was talking about Kanye West and Jay-Z. Anyone could tell they were both not educated much, yet refuse going back to school as they claim it’s not cool and quite simply, a waste of time. They prefer to ‘hustle’ in the streets, aiming to live a life they can’t afford. They had the latest gadgets and looked very well put together, but I couldn’t help but wonder where, or perhaps more importantly, how they get their cash.

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