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NHC implementing 124bn/- housing projects in Dar es Salaam

The three high-rise modern housing projects are expected to house over 3,000 people. They will also have areas for commercial and recreational facilities, according NHC Director General, Mr Nehemiah Mchechu.

Mr Mchechu made the remarks in Dar es Salaam after handing over sites to constructors who will implement the projects through the design-andbuild approach.

Demand for houses in Tanzania is estimated to be growing at an average of 200,000 housing units per annum and thus requiring huge investments from both the public and private sectors to construct new units.

Apart from the three projects, the NHC boss hinted also that plans were underway for other four projects which will be much bigger, with 1,000 units. The projects that were handed over to the contractors yesterday include Golden Anniversary Towers located at the former UNICEF headquarters.

It will have twin towers of 26 floors each. China Railways Jianchan Engineering will undertake the project at 68.3bn/-. Ushindi Housing Project along New Bagamoyo Road will include three storey buildings each with 16 floors at a cost of 30.3bn/- to be undertaken by Group Six International. The project will have 190 units.

There is also Wakulima Eco Village at Hananasif area to be implemented by Estim Construction at a cost of 24.9bn/-. It will include two structures each with 16 floors and will have 120 housing units.

According to Mr Mchechu, all the three projects will be supervised by Bureau for Industrial Cooperation (BICO), a consulting firm based at the College of Engineering and Technology (CoET) of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). Apart from proving decent housing for the people once completed, the NHC boss noted that the projects will generate direct and indirect jobs during the construction stage and thereafter.

At the occasion, Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr Goodluck Ole Medeye, touted high-rise buildings in urban areas to save space. “The government is soon coming up with a regulation that will forbid rampant erection of residential houses.

Land will be allocated for respective purposes such as housing, farming and other activities,” he said. The deputy minister urged NHC and other private developers to continue putting up affordable housing units to suit the needs of the majority of Tanzania who are low-income earners.

“The projects that we are announcing today can hardly benefit ordinary Tanzanians and thus we should come up with more affordable houses,” Mr Ole-Medeye said. Mr Ole-Medeye also hailed the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for its flexibility by allowing NHC to implement the projects through the design-and-build approach where all liabilities during the construction stage lie with the constructor.

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