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NGO starts children counselling centre

CYDAD Project Officer, Ms Magreth Aloyce said that the centre was started in January, this year, whereas they have a team of qualified counselors in children issues.

She said that she has been impressed hitherto by the turnout of children, some of whom are being accompanied by their parents, for the services offered freely by CYDAD.

“This is a new thing in our society, but we believe as we go along many people will build trust and more children will be coming for counselling,” she said.

She said the association is among civil society organisations which advocate for children’s agenda to increase visibility in children issues to the public, with the aim of raising awareness on children issues.

“We believe that if the public is well informed on children issues and rights, it would be concerned and thus influence key decisions by prioritising child rights issues in the country,’ she said.

She added that with facilitation from the Foundation for Civil Society they have been conducting training for religious leaders, village executive officers and law enforcers on the need to advocate for children rights in their respective areas of work.

Ms Magreth also called for the review of the Children Act of 2009, saying that a lot of changes are happening thus a need to amend it to suit current trends.

She also said that Constituent Assembly (CA) members should find a need to make sure that issues on children rights are being given the needed priority for a better society in the future.

The government is finalising a plan that ...

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