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Need to close ICT gap for hastened positive results

For four days starting Friday, the venue will be hosting Smart Partnership International Dialogues involving over 500 local and foreign delegates from across the globe.

The guests include current and former Head of States and governments from Africa and Asia, among them former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed who is credited with having initiated the Forum in the 1990s.

The Dialogues began as a platform for scientists to meet and discuss scientific and technological issues that were relevant all over the world. The changing geo political space, the shrinking of the globe and increasing interconnectedness and interdependence made the idea of a sustainable open forum to discuss global topical issues a necessity.

Indeed this year’s forum, whose theme is: “Leveraging Technology For Africa’s Socio-Economic Transformation; is following that tradition, which will see delegates brainstorming and finding solutions to common problems such as hunger, disease and poverty.

Opening the Dialogue on Friday, President Jakaya Kikwete underscored the need for Africa to invest in science education and training of indigenous mass, noting that this can ultimately assist the continent find home grown practical solutions to challenges it confronts.

President Kikwete observed that societies that have anchored science and technology into development programmes had succeeded in finding solutions to their challenges including fast tracking development in various areas.

The recent economic success of the likes of Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam attests to President Kikwete’s statement. We would like to commend the government for having campaigned successfully to bring the Forum to Tanzania.

It is a good opportunity for the country to gainfully learn and internalise successful experiences from elsewhere.

As we welcome our guests to Dar es Salaam we wish to go along with President Kikwete, whose message stresses on the need to build on innovations set at this year’s forum to tie actions with results. That calls for the continent to work hard and close the Information Technology gap.

Indeed, Africa should be part of the ICT highway and leverage it for development. The most important part of it is to use ICT for development on issues like overcoming shortage in education instructors.

It is a known fact that there is vast arable land but there is not much use of science and technology, but if we do, there will be more
food for Africa and the rest of the world.

ON June 25, this year, the Organisation for ...

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