Mwinyi lays accent on good parenting

Mr Mwinyi gave the call yesterday as he addressed hundreds of Muslims in Tanga region at Tangamano ground to commemorate the Maulid day (the birth of Prophet Mohamed PBUH).

He said today the nation is experiencing decay in morals as a result of the lack of religious teachings. He said parents have a big role to play as far as the question of youth attitudes are concerned, as they are responsible in the upbringing of the children from a tender age.

He said today parents do not teach their children faith based values. On the other hand, Mr Mwinyi has also stressed the issue of love, tranquility and peace and called upon the Muslims to live on these principles which Islamic religion underlines.

He said the Muslims should always show compassion to humankind and at same time maintain peace and tranquility as key factors for community development. "Prophet Mohamed S.A.W has taught us on how to be compassionate with others ... but most of us do not know how to put it in practice even with our neighbours... let us follow the instruction of God who has commanded us to do so," he stressed.

Earlier on, the Head of Islamic Institute of Zaharau,Sheikh Mohamed Suleiman, said Tanga Muslims should abide by the religious teaching by manifesting good conduct and attitudes day to day. He said they should collaborate, unite and at the same time maintain national unity and tranquility.

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Author: NESTORY NGWEGA in Tanga

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