More funds urgently needed for research in business development

TIRDO Research Officer, Mr Humphrey Ndossi said that the government set a very minimal budget thus making the organisation unable to reach entrepreneurs who need their services.

He said that government had previously declared that one per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was to be directed to finance research in the country, but contrary to expectations the money was being released on a competition basis, thus making other bodies like TIRDO to miss out on funds.

“We are an industrial support body, we ought to reach all entrepreneurs in and help them in through consultancy services, but all these are not enhanced properly for we are running shortage of funds, we are currently stationed in Dar es Salaam without branches upcountry,” Mr Ndossi noted.

Mr Ndossi called upon the government, private sectors and other development partners to join hands with TIRDO in its efforts of ensuring that it disseminates its industrial technology development programmes focusing on value addition to natural resources and products.

He allayed fears that engulfed some entrepreneurs who believe TIRDO is a regulatory body, saying that they were meant to serve the general public by offering consultancy services and through industrial supporting programmes and were not the regulators.

“Some of the small entrepreneurs fear to come to us thinking that we will close down their industries, this is due to lack of education… we have been trying hard to reach them but the problem we also face is changing that misguided belief,” Mr Ndossi said.

Of late, TIRDO has implemented a comprehensive traceability programmes as a tool for product quality improvement for market access through training to SMEs, industrialists and agro processors.

Mr Ndossi said that the establishment of GS1 (TZ) National Ltd, a company recognised globally to offer bar-codes is a product of TIRDO’s efforts through a traceability programmes.

TIRDO collaborates with other developments partners to conduct industrial researches and technical services including United Nations Industries Development Organisation (UNIDO), World International Property Organisation (WIPO) and Commission for Science and Industrial Research - India (CSIR).




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Author: Christopher Majaliwa, Sebastian Mrindoko and Rose Athuman

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