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MeTL commended for creating employment

MeTL commended for creating employment

Mr Silaa said when he visited MeTL Group pavilion and the just ended Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair at the Mwalimu J.K Trade Fair Grounds.

He said that by producing soap, cooking oil and products from palm trees, the company has made it possible for farmers to develop and assured them of markets.

MeTL Group has more than 25 subsidiary companies and most of the companies’ products are from farm produce cultivated in the country and others are used by farmers such as tractors.

The mayor had also officiated a draw at the pavilion for visitors who were given raffle tickets and the winner, Ms Irene Manamba, walked away with a motorcycle.

On the investments by MeTL Group, Mr Silaa said that he was impressed with the growth of some of the companies under the group in terms of ensuring quality of its products, noting that it is time that the government gave priority to local investors.

“In my opinion, the government should see the need to assist local investors who import machinery from abroad on easing modalities of paying taxes, if possible they should be allowed to pay taxes after starting production,” he said.

He observed that such a move would help in having many local investors who will help in assuring markets for farm produce and to add value to raw materials.

Mr Silaa also noted that besides providing employment to many locals, many of the companies’ products are affordable thus being of service to people with low incomes.

“I also hail you for producing products that are of quality yet affordable by many people in the country’ especially cooking oil, soap, flour, beverages and other products,” he said.


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