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Match-fixing awareness workshop winds up well

The ICSS transparency and anti-corruption director, Stuart Page, said that it was a good opportunity for ICSS team to come to Tanzania to raise awareness on match-fixing in order to understand its impact in world soccer.

“We know exactly who is behind this move … they are men with good money who bribe goalkeepers, defenders and coaches and in most cases even referees,” he said.

Presenting his paper, Page said the objective of the workshop to Tanzania sports academies is to impart them with skills to “say no” to match-fixing, as when it is detected a player can suffer a life ban.

He said that ICSS’ aim is to teach and protect players from criminal activities that are rampant all over the world, adding that ICSS is optimistic that TSC players will one day become world champions.

Page said sports integrity against corruption for children is a major issue all over the world and that is why his organization is campaigning for children not to sign contracts in the absence of their parents, guardians and anyone who can be a witness at the time of signing.

Match-fixing is done before the match is played and the money is given to team leaders, particularly coaches, owners or individual players and the offence is happening everywhere, be it at be Manchester United or any other big team, so the workshop was to help players to know this.

ICSS investigator Jake Marsh cautioned Tanzania players not to involve themselves in match- fixing like their fellows in other African countries do. He noted that security, safety and integrity in sports are critical and complex practices.

Not only are more and more nations taking up the challenge of hosting the world’s greatest sporting event but sports contend with distinct economic, social and media development.

“As a result, the need to share knowledge, best practice and experience has never been greater,” said Marsh.

TSC president Altaf Hirani said that they have been representing Tanzania to Street Child World Cup since 2010 and they emerged champions in Brazil this year.

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Author: MOSES MATTHEW in Mwanza

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