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Landscape becomes subject for family day

The centre’s Director, Zdanevich Alexander, felt this would express the stillness and conditions of persons, who form families, by focusing on the internal stage of their lives.

The idea, he maintains, is more suitable now, being the Holy Month of Ramadhan, when people are fasting and concentrating more on family values and internal peace.

Alexander also said that the 30 oil paintings were taken from their stock of artworks, which he had thought suitable to represent the Russian national Family Day, which in essence came to its climax on Tuesday.

They had by-passed the alternative choices of using painting of portraits, buildings, together with photographs or something historical. “The general idea of bringing these pictures here was to try to attract the attention of the society to Russian art again. It’s a step forward for us and the locals,” he added.

On the opening evening last Friday, Alexander had noticed that many of those who attended the exhibition showed a great interest in the paintings depicting winter scenes.

He is aware that most people, who knew about Russian art, would be more familiar with the older generation of artistes. “Therefore, in our deliberate desire to work towards attracting the new generation of Russian artistes; which I hope will perform Africa in Russia sometime in the future, these became the choice.

The one-week exhibition provided such an opportunity for them to do this,” he said. In line with their future plans, Alexander revealed their intention of opening some sort of a restaurant at the centre, which is located at the Sea View, provided they secure sponsors.

It must be remembered, that although the initial idea is to display and not sell, if a visitor expressed a desire to buy a painting, it will be considered but the centre will have to consult with the artistes, who will have the last and final say.

The exhibition, which winds up today, is being held in the exhibition room, which has special lighting and a cooling system so that the paintings are not damaged through chemical reactions. During exhibition hours the lights are turnedon but when this is over they are turned off again.

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