Keino demands scientific preps for African athletes

Keino made this remarks early this week during a dinner he hosted for African journalists who attended a two-day media seminar on women and sport held in Nairobi, Kenya.

He said there is no shortcut for African side to shine in various competitions if they do not put enough resources to train young athletes who can win accolades. “We have a number of competitions, All Africa Games, Youth Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics, it is high time we train our athletes properly so that they succeed for Africa,” he said.

He called upon journalists from all over the continent who attended the seminar to press for timely and proper training of their national athletes for better performance. Keino also stressed for the need to mobilize and support women athletes to compete in the top world events including Olympics. He said women can perform better if they are provided with equal opportunities as men.

“They can contribute in driving sports to the higher level,” he said. During the seminar, journalists were also encouraged to familiarize themselves with social media, which has been described as one of the best ways to promote sport worldwide. Addressing African colleagues at seminar Evelyn Watta, AIPS Executive committee member said sports media can be used to disseminate information, share articles and also get story ideas.

Watta, an online sports journalist in Kenya, said journalists should be able to use this kind of media not only for personal use but for education and work related ideas. “A lot of people have used these social networks for personal use, forgetting that they can use it in more constructive ways.

As communicators we need to be at the fore front in using these networks. At least, half the world population uses these networks,” she said. She cited an example of FIFA President Sepp Blatter who she said was one of the leading users of twitter.

“Blatter is always tweeting about the activities of FIFA and his movements to the different regions. As sports reporters it can also give you story ideas and know what to follow,” she said. She then urged women to be more vigilant and take advantage of these networks to engage and exchange stories with their colleagues.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA just back from Nairobi

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