Kagasheki embarks on corporate image rectification

Mr Kagasheki warned the ministry’s staff and all institutions under it that corruption and embezzlement of public funds won’t be tolerated as he will not allow parliament to hold him accountable because of thieving civil servants.

“This is a sensitive ministry which deals with foreigners and therefore there is urgent need to cleanse its tarnished corporate image,” Ambassador Kagasheki said during a handover ceremony attended by his predecessor Ezekiel Maige.

Kagasheki said his new ministry is also sensitive because it is a single largest foreign currency earner through tourism and export of natural resources and wildlife. “This ministry earns more foreign currency than mining, agriculture or any other sector and can meet economic needs of this country,” he noted.

He pledged to work closely with his Deputy, Lazaro Nyalandu and Permanent Secretary, Maimuna Tarishi to ensure that laxity, corruption and embezzlement of funds are completely stamped out while discipline is restored at every level.
Speaking at the same brief ceremony held at the ministry’s headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Nyalandu said the new leadership’s priority will be to boost foreign tourist arrivals and improve conservation work.

“Our core business is conservation and tourism which are important aspects of this country’s economy,” Nyalandu who has moved from Ministry of Trade and Industry in the same capacity said. Nyalandu pointed out that integrity and team work will be cardinal tenets of the new administration’s performance, warning dishonest civil servants against disciplinary action.

Handing over the ministry to his successor, Mr Maige who was dropped in last week’s cabinet reshuffle after two years at the helm of the ministry said there are over 3,100 employees with 17 different institutions under its portfolio.

“We have already submitted a request to Central Establishment seeking permission to employ 2,500 additional employees for Department of Wildlife to curb the problem of poaching,” Mr Maige said. Maige, credited with having allocated over 70 per cent of hunting blocks to local companies, said 159 blocks were allocated to 60 companies, 51 of them local.

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