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Illness causes Lema case postponement

The MP apparently failed to turn up at the Resident Magistrate’s Court, along Kanisa Road, in the city with his lawyer Mr Method Kimomogolo, reporting that Mr Lema was sick and submitted hospital documents indicating that Lema was granted ten-day rest.

Mr Lema is accused of inciting students of the Institute of Accounting Arusha, when the legislator visited the campus last April (the 24th) where he addressed the scholars in an attempt to calm the irate students down, following the death of their colleague, Mr Henry Koga, who got knifed by some unknown motorcycle riders.

The Arusha District Police-in-Charge, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Gilles Muloto, together with three other Police officers, are among the nine witnesses who were supposed to be testifying on the State side, others being the students’ supervisor at the IAA, Mr John Nanyaro.

When the case comes up for hearing next month, the President of the students’ government, Mr Benjamin Simkanga as well as Faraji Kasidu Mnyepe and Naibu Hamidu all from the IAA, will also make into the panel of witnesses.

So far, Mr Lema’s plea through his legal representative, Advocate Method Kimomogoro is that the claims are not true and he is ‘not guilty’ of the alleged charges.

The previous hearing was held before resident magistrate Ms Devotha Msoffe. State Prosecutor Mr Elianenyi Njiro, read before the court that, Mr Lema’s address to the student, caused them to riot against government leaders who also went to IAA after the stabbing incident and that the irate young men and women insulted the Regional Commissioner (RC), Magessa Mulongo in the process.

The Prosecutor stated that when talking to the students at the ‘Freedom Square’ Mr Lema breached section 35 and 390 of the penal code when he told the already irate scholars that the Regional Commissioner was dressed and walked as if he was attending a wedding ceremony’s send-off party.

The angry students later booed the RC and his delegation off before starting to hurl stones at the officials. The police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the angry scholars.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Arusha

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