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Hindu council touts women empowerment

HCT senior official, Ms Bindiya Sidpara, made the appeal at a special ceremony to honour women achievements and their contribution to the country held in Dar es Salaam earlier this week. “Women are equal as men. They all need financial and intellectual boost,” she said.

She added that special reservations at universities, scholarships and vocational training programmes are among just a few ways to bring out women’s capabilities.

She also said that the government should have more special concession in the education sector, to encourage more young girls to join schools and have a system to provide soft loans and conduct workshops for potential women entrepreneurs which will eventually open avenues to development.

“Women treat all matters with compassion and view things from a different perspective,” she said, adding that also women play an important role in preserving the country’s culture and tradition which are very important identity for any nation. Ms Sidpara noted that Tanzania’s women are the forgotten celebrities.

She said women can handle household chores and raise intelligent children. “It is just that the society has forgotten such capacities and contributions of women, but they indirectly play a bigger role in national building endeavours,” she said. She explained that education is the only key to success for women in Tanzania.

“We advise all women and young girls to strive for education, as that by itself is a battle half won - the rest will follow automatically,” she said. The council which was dormant for some years was revived and restructured in 2011. “We encourage many Hindu organisations to join the council,” she said.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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