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Habib Koite ready for Dar concert

Spending two hours at the Dar es Salaam Julius K. Nyerere International Airport, to clear through custom early Wednesday morning, did not disturb Koite’s enthusiasm in any way.

During a short conversation with him on Thursday, at the Alliance Francaise (AF) venue in Dar es Salaam, where today’s concert is to be held, he told the ‘Daily News’ he is looking forward to presenting his music to local audiences.

He sees it as an honour to present his transposed music of one instrument, such as percussion onto a string instrument like a guitar. Having to delve into this aspect of music, for him is more like an adventure, as is the feeling playing to audiences around the world. “I love to show what I’m doing in my music to people from other cultures.

It’s only then I can know what they think of it,” Koite admitted. It makes no difference to him whether or not his music is familiar to many people here. For the music he plays comes from his heart.

Therefore, being human he is sure he can meet at least one person who is like him and will get some pleasure from his music. The satisfaction increases as the number increases.

He also appreciates having the opportunity to show the “soul” of his country, which he is very proud of through his music. This “soul” is captured in the mixture of rhythmic patterns from different ethnic groups in Mali that are present in his music.

After tonight’s performance in Dar es Salaam, Koite is slated to present his unique musical blend to audiences at the on-going Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) in Stone town tomorrow (Saturday) around 11:30pm.

Then the group returns to Bamako, Mali where he is based. After a short break of one week, they are expected to be going on a tour in Europe for six months.

When asked of his feeling having Koite and his band actually in the country, the AF Director, Sullivan Benetier, immediately replied, “It’s a great honour to present this artistes’ music to the local crowd.

I’m glad because very few people know of his music here despite his global fame on the World Music platform. I welcome everyone to come and discover his talent.”




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