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Govt moves against negligent police officers

The Minister for Home Affairs, Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi, said in Dar es Salaam on Thursday that measures taken included stern warning, demotion and termination. Dr Nchimbi was revealing recommendations by a team he formed to investigate misconduct by the police late last year and early this year in Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Morogoro and Kigoma regions.

He noted that in the incident where police in May, this year, were arrested transporting bhang using a Field Force Unit (FFU) vehicle, the government had demoted the Arusha Regional Head of the Field Force Unit, Superintendent of Police, Ramadhan Giro.

“Giro was head of FFU in Arusha and for the post he was holding all FFU vehicles were under his control. Therefore, if the police managed to go out of the region in a police car without his knowledge, then he is responsible,” he said.

Dr Nchimbi added that in the same incident, Inspector Isaack Manoni allegedly facilitated one of the suspects to escape and the probe team recommended that he should be fired and charged in a military court.

“The act by Inspector Manoni to help the suspect with number Ex F.1734 Cpl Edward, who was driving the car (a PT 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser) to escape has humiliated the Tanzania police force,” he said.

He noted that Inspector Salum Kingu, who was reported to have remained in the car 80metres from Cpl Edward’s home as Inspector Manoni went to collect police equipment, contributed to the escape and has been given a stern warning.

Another officer, Inspector Mikidadi Galilima, has also been served with a severe warning on the same matter for failure to give constructive advice to the Arusha head of FFU on the police property. “PF 15828 ASP Francis Duma, who led fellow policemen in the arrest of the suspects in this incident, has been promoted to Superintendant of Police effective August 21 (on Wednesday).

I have also advised IGP (Inspector General of Police) to consider motivating other 14 policemen engaged in the arrest,” he said. In another incident where police in Morogoro region in May, this year, tried to frame up a businessman in Dumila that he had been found in possession of a human skull, the government has demoted Mvomero District Crimes Officer, Inspector Jamal Ramadhan.

“Ramadhan was informed about the plot to blackmail Samson Kihindi, a businessman at Dumila, but he did not take measures to stop it from happening, neither did he take initiatives to warn the head of Dumila police post,” he said.

Dr Nchimbi said Inspector Juma Mpamba, who is the head of Dumila police post, did not do his work properly by letting his subordinates redundant to the extent that they found time to engage in crime. Mpamba has also been demoted, he said.

With regard to an incident in Kasulu in December, last year, in which a man known as Gasper Sigwavumba (36) died after he was beaten up by police while in police custody, the government had demoted Kasulu Crimes Officer, ASP Daniel Bendarugoho, for negligence in investigating the matter.

“Bendarugoho’s negligence led to poor investigation, which suggested that there was no evidence to hold the suspects responsible for the murder. I have ordered fresh investigation of the killing,” Nchimbi added.

Meanwhile, GLADNESS GEOFREY reports that three people died in different accidents in Dar es Salaam Region yesterday in Ilala and Kinondoni municipalities, police have announced. In the first incident, Kinondoni Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr Camillus Wambura, said the dead body of a man identified as Salum Ally, aged between 30 and 35 years, was found in his room at Kindondoni kwa Manyanya..

“The police found the body in the room; it bore no injuries,” the RPC said. He said the cause of the death was yet to be established, adding that the body had been taken to Muhimbili national Hospital for preservation as investigation into the incident continues. In the second incident, Wambura said police found the body of a man identified as Bakari Thomas (26), a resident of Kimara Stop Over, in his room, adding that it bore no injuries.

The RPC said before the man met his death he was reportedly having drinks with his friends, whom the police were yet to identify. The cause of his death was yet to be established and the body was at Mwananyamala Hospital, he said.

In the third incident, a man identified as Lucas Nyangabi (72), a resident of Chanika kwa Zoo in Ilala municipality hanged himself to death on a mango tree outside his home. Ilala Regional Police Commander (RPC) Marietha Minangi said the man hanged himself using a manila rope.

“The deceased left a message saying he had decided to terminate his life because he had been suffering an incurable disease for a long time,” the RPC said. “I have decided to kill myself because I have suffered long enough recovery; so, farewell,” the message reportedly read in part.

She said the body was taken to Muhimbili National Hospital for preservation.




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