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Govt efforts to electrify nation commendable

It goes without saying that with electricity, a lot can be achieved in terms of socio-economic development. Indeed, good development plans may not be fully realised without electric power.

The envisaged power distribution network which is slated for implementation and completion before the end of 2017 will connect to the national grid communities which for many years had remained in the dark.

The earmarked projects include the Iringa to Shinyanga (400kV); Makambako to Songea (220kV); North- East Grid (400kV); North-West Grid (400kV); Singida- Arusha-Namanga (400kV), Bulyanhulu-Geita (220kV), and Electricity V (33kV, 0.4kV, 132kv and 220kV).

Accomplishment of the ambitious plan will call for concerted efforts from everyone of us. For example, the Iringa-Shinyanga project involves construction of a 670km transmission line with 400kV from Iringa through Dodoma, Singida to Shinyanga. Some 367.36bn/- will be spent on the seven projects which are designed to light up millions of homes throughout the country.

The Rural Energy Agency under the Ministry of Energy has been doing a commendable job to roll out power projects in the country. With more families accessing electricity millions of students in the country, who hitherto have had to do with lanterns, will now be able to study in a more conducive environment.

Moreover, more people will be able to enjoy the diverse benefits of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), including tapping into the internet.

The easy availability of electricity will also spur the establishment of more industries, small and big, thus creating more job opportunities, especially for youth in rural areas. Besides, electricity will facilitate the supply of safe and clean water for millions of our people in the rural areas.

REA’s professed mission is to promote and facilitate rural energy development by working in partnership with the private sector, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations and government agencies. According to the minister, the plan will involve the construction of big substations in different parts of the country.

Hence, it will be important for everyone to be on the lookout for vandals lest they tamper with such vital and expensive facilities.

The government is going to great lengths to electrify the whole nation because rural Tanzania cannot be transformed into a modern economy and the lives of rural Tanzanians cannot be improved significantly without a dramatic improve




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